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Evangeline Lilly has a gassy past. (AAP)

‘Lost’ star farted on plane passenger’s face

Lost actress and former air hostess Evangeline Lilly once “saved up all of her gas” mid-flight and farted in a passenger’s face. The stunning star said she “let it rip” in the man’s face because he had been rude to her during the flight. “I was really struggling that day, because I had really bad […]

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Man faces court after Police catch him drunk driving a motorised Beer Cooler (aka Esky)

A NOOSA man faced court last week on drink driving charges after Police intercepted a motorised Esky back in June. The defendant told the Judge that the Esky could fit “a couple of cartons” of beer in it. Picture: Thinkstock Police alleged Christopher Ian Petrie, 23, with driving under the influence and driving without a […]

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Shrek Forever After

‘Beautiful people’ website hit by Shrek virus that allowed ugly applicants to sign up

A social networking site for ‘beautiful’ people has been hit by a Shrek virus which allowed tens of thousands of ugly applicants to sign up. Members of must pass a strict rating stage where existing users vote on whether someone is attractive enough to be accepted into the online community. But this screening process […]

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